Age Management for Healthy Aging

What is HGH Therapy?

Age Management – Healthy Aging is possible and has always been a goal of men and women reaching middle age. However, hormone imbalance and decline, poor lifestyle, obesity, stress, and toxins present in the food and environment may lead to premature aging.

Premature aging, low sex drive, weight gain, wrinkles, skin tissue and collagen degeneration, the feeling of tiredness, lack of enthusiasm, low energy,loss of vigor and vitality, hair loss, menopause symtoms and Andropause symptoms are some of the major age-related issues faced by people in middle-age.

Most cosmetic products in the market work around hiding these signs a little bit, but they don’t help slow down or reverse age-related health problems.

Age Management similar to the Cenegenics Age Management Solution that combines hormone replacement therapy with healthy lifestyle changes and diet, is the most viable anti-aging solution which is easily attainable with the help and guidance of the capable team at the Optimal Health HRT Centers.

What is Age Management?

Age Management is a holistic approach adopted by modern healthcare towards addressing the issues causing early aging signs. It calls for taking various proactive and preventative measures so that early onset of degenerative aging can be prevented.

Anti-Aging Medicine not only helps in slowing the appearance of aging signs but also emphasizes on preserving optimum human functions including sexual health so that one can lead a life full of vigor and vitality.

Age Management Programs use a medical process for optimal health. The process for Age Management can be divided into three parts, testing, assessment, and treatment.

Age Management Testing & Assessment

Evaluation of medical history, lifestyle assessment, hormone blood testing and physical examination:

Medical history of the patient provides great help in the assessment of the problems causing early aging. Important things like prescription drug use, alcohol use, health conditions, heart disease, sexual dysfunction, allergies, genetic issues, and prior medical issues are marked by the healthcare providers.

Stress and poor lifestyle is also one of the biggest reasons for premature aging. People devote very less time and attention to themselves putting providing undue help to aging process. This is also assessed.

Poor eating habits, unusual sleeping habits, excessive consumption of alcohol, smoking, drugs, work stress, and other such factors causing adverse health effects are evaluated. A detailed physical examination is conducted and blood laboratory tests for important hormones such as testosterone, HGH, the Human Growth Hormone, DHEA, estrogen are taken, so that current hormone levels and health issues can be determined for proper treatment.

Personalized Proactive Age Management Treatment Plans

Diet Management

Diet management is a very important part of Age Management. Your healthcare provider will set a personalized diet management plan for you. This helps in detoxification and shedding the lethargies.


Your exercise plans will be devised as per the requirement of calories. It will also help in toning down your body so that you do not have to hide loose skin any time and your skin can glow.

Stress Management

The experts will help in stress management as it has been identified as one of the serious contributors of aging signs. Age management is just not about making your skin tight, it is also about making you feel younger from inside. Stress management is a crucial part of this holistic treatment.

Medical Intervention

Medical treatment is also an important part as it acts as a catalyst. It speeds up the process of recovery from the signs of aging. However, medical intervention is always used most wisely.

HRT Center Age Management Services

HRT Center provides you one stop solution for all your aging issues.

Our Age Management Physicians and Endocrinologists have been providing excellent service since 2003 and strives to make the patients feel younger, livelier and happier. With the help of preventive and anti-aging medicine protocols delivered in a modern healthcare facility, patients can be made to feel younger, and look younger for longer. In many cases the signs of aging can be stopped or reversed to a great extent.

With a worldwide presence and a network of top Anti-Aging physicians, Optimal Health HRT Centers are committed to providing you the best in Age Management treatments and Healthy Aging Solutions to help treat the signs and symptoms of premature aging so that you can age well.